Online Craps— Understanding the Disparity Between Traditional and Virtual Craps Games

Online casinos seem to be all the rage these days. Fun and entertaining, they offer a great destination for people that want to escape from the pressures and stresses of their days. Considering how one doesn’t need to travel to gambling sites like Las Vegas or Macau or other well-known gambling locations, playing your favorite game is now easier and more convenient than ever.

Whether its slot machines, blackjack, poker and a whole host of their variations, online casino games seem to be enjoying some major boosts in their popularity. Still, there seems to be one game that is being left behind. Craps doesn’t seem to share the same popularity as the rest of the more popular online casino games.

Craps involves players making their bets based on the result after the dice is rolled or a series of rolls. Players have the option to place bets against other places that are referred to as shooting dice or street caps.

They can also make a wager against the bank, which is what’s usually done in casino and table craps.

The game is quite popular in land-based casinos all across Europe, the US, as well as in Asia. The game isn’t only fast-paced, it is exciting too and players would usually have a hard time finding an empty seat at casino tables. Unfortunately, the online version of the game doesn’t seem to share the same level of popularity as its land-based counterpart.

While craps in land-based casinos are often flocked by players who are fighting to secure a spot at the table, online craps aren’t as fortunate. Many of the tables usually only end up with two players or just a single one. This is quite a stark contrast and you’d be right to be wondering about the disparity.  

Perhaps one of the reasons that online craps isn’t picking up in popularity at the same speed as land-based ones may have to do with how different the online version seems to be. Many of the players noted that any of the elements that make craps such an exciting game to play in real-life casinos aren’t just there when they try to play it online. This leads to them feeling less thrilled, excited and satisfied when playing the game.

For instance, most players who love playing craps often get their excitement out of rolling the dice. It is, after all, what determines the flow of the game. Over the course of time that players have been playing the game, they have developed strategies including wrist shakes or hand flicks that will seemingly affect the way that the dice falls on the top of the table.

Unfortunately, this particular aspect of the game can’t be replicated in an online casino. Players won’t be able to enjoy the experience of holding and then rolling the dice. Some players believe that this leaves them with lower winning odds since they can’t influence the manner in which they will roll the dice.

Some players also lament about the lack of authentic casino atmosphere when they play the game online. For instance, land-based craps will usually be played in a setting where there are crowds of people around, replete with muttering, groaning, and cheering players.

While there are players that might find this distracting as they attempt to concentrate and decide on the specific gameplay that they should implement, there are those that actually get a lot of stimulation from this experience. Since this isn’t something that will happen when they do play the game online, they end up feeling dissatisfied and disappointed by how tame the online experience is.

Still, if people will just be willing to give this online game a chance, they’ll find that it does offer a certain level of charm, albeit tamer than its land-based counterpart.

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