Playing for Profit— Finding the Best Games with the Highest Payouts

Many people that flock to online casinos do so because of the chance of possibly earning a hefty sum if they manage to win. In fact, the most often asked question among online gamblers is which game they should play if they are to make a lot of money fast. Players want to know which games are likely going to end up with them losing. After all, they will be spending their hard-earned cash when making wagers when they play these games.

Unfortunately, the question on which game to choose that’s most likely to help you win more is just one of those things that are impossible to answer. After all, not every casino out there is created equal.

There are even some that are known for marketing a game as one thing only to bombard players with totally different rules the moment they start playing. If there’s one thing players should remember when it comes to online casino games, it’s that they are designed to give the house the advantage.

For instance, there’s the game of blackjack. While the game’s rules and core principles are set in stone when it is played at land-based casinos, it’s a totally different story when you play it online. On the web, the game is offered with such a number of variants that despite the game being considered as the most profitable game in most brick and mortar casino settings, it’s hard to call it that in the virtual platform.

Slot machines are also popular among online gamblers. Many of the players that go for the game do so because it generally offers a relatively reasonable payout rate of 77% to 99%. While it’s true that some online casinos will never offer beyond 95% as far as payouts go, this still makes slots as one of the most profitable casino games so you can play on the virtual platform. Unfortunately, most online casinos will not really reveal the payout percentage ahead of time.

The only time you’ll be aware of what the actual numbers are is the moment you sign up for these websites. While there are websites that seem to have the specific percentages for specific casinos, it’s best to take them with a grain of salt as more often than not, these may not be the actual numbers.

Besides, casinos don’t really advertise their payout rates. In most cases when they do, there’s a very good chance that they may not really reveal the real numbers. Also, you’ll most likely encounter some sleazy online casinos that will inflate their numbers in the hopes of getting you to sign up. Then, you’ll find out later that the numbers they are offering are actually significantly lower. This is why, if you see payouts that seem way too good to be true, it’s likely because they are.

There’s also this misconception concerning progressive slots. A lot of people usually assume that they will pay some massive numbers due to the word “progressive” attached to it.

Unfortunately, the reality is quite different. Online casinos offering these games can’t really pay their players out that much because they do have to build their funds first in order to establish an end bonus.

If you do manage to end up winning the jackpot, except to win at least a thousand to even a million bucks.

Then there’s roulette. The game is pretty much known for its two most popular versions, the American and the European versions. The European only has 37 slots with only a single 0. The American version has 38 slots with an extra slot for 00.

The American version has a 5.26% odds in favor of the house and the European version has a 2.7% house edge. Needless to say, if profit is what you’re really aiming for whenever you play this game online, always go for the European version.

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